Form digitization system


Digitize any kind of template based document, whether printed or handwritten in a matter of seconds.

Manage your data-entry process end to end from document indexing to re-keying to data validation in an automated way.

How does it work?

Manage all your documents at a single place. Set up templates within minutes without writing a single line of code. Get comprehensive insights on multiple metrics like data-keyer performance to optimize your process.

Upload Scanned Files
In a format of your choice. One at a time or in bulk.
Extract Text
  • Identify documents
  • Extract relevant information
  • Review the results
  • Auto-validate fields
Download Results
In a format of your choice. Or directly integrate via API.


Vinayaka is an enterprise-grade product built with industry best practices in mind.


Manage data entry from form definition to final result ingestion


Reduce turnaround time with sub-second predictions for fields


Super-human transcription

Easy Integration

Input and Output data in any format via API calls

Simple to Use

Butter smooth interface to speed up data entry

Contextual Results

Auto-validation and flagging of issues based on the document and field types

Confidence scores

Make the review process more predictable

Multiple languages

English and French. Extensible to other languages. More soon.

Continuous learning

Increased accuracy over time as the system sees more data

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