Handwritten Text Recognition

Powering Digital Automation

Vinayaka, named after Lord Ganesha, who is said to have written the great Indian epic Mahabharata, is's state-of-the-art Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) service.

With Vinayaka, enterprises can now make paper move at the speed of digital without having to either rip in-place processes or completely move to digital. Vinayaka is powered by proprietory deep learning models that transcribe handwritten text with high accuracy. Vinayaka can be tailored to suit every clients' specific needs to help retrieve handwritten text in a digital format from photos/scans of documents/forms/letters and the works.

With an easy-to-use document templating system, add new document templates within seconds to highlight epxected areas with handwritten text. Get higher accuracies and contextually relevant suggestions based on field types such as names, addresses, dates, zip codes, cities, etc. Allow correction and modifications to the recognized text from within the system using a super intuitive web-interface.

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Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

Despite the shift to digital, banks and financial institutions have a tremendous amount of paper trail. Ranging from forms, loan applications to cutomer letters, these institutions regularly require handwrtiten text to be digitized. Averaging millions of forms/documents daily aside from the massive volume of legacy documents, dgitization of handwritten documents becomes a bottleneck impacting scalability, costs, latency times and customer experience.

Digtize forms and other documents with a single API call !



With hospitals moving towards digital, "true" EMRs are still a distant dream. Electronic Medical Records or EMRs in the true sense of the word should encompass much more than hospital records and bills, like they currently do. Prescriptions, often from multiple consultations (read doctors) are the core pieces of this machinery that is currently not available electronically. Digitization of handwritten prescriptions without the help of your local pharmacist is the bottleneck.

Digitze prescriptions with high accuracy with a simple API call !

Other Industries

Other Industries

From logistics manifests to assignments and answer sheets in school/colleges, a lot of industries have processes involving transcription of handwritten text central to their businesses. We are committed to solving the convoluted problem of handwritten text recognition.

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So Intuitive, So Easy

Vinayaka is designed to be customizable and flexible enough to conform to any use case involving handwritten text recognition


State-of-the-art accuracies using proprietory deep learning models.

Multiple Languages

Currently supports English and French. Extensible to any other alphabet/language.

Continuous Learning

See improved accuracies over time due to our continuous learning and re-training pipelines.

Contextual Results

Intelligent contextual results and suggestions based on field types.


On premise deployment and licensing available.

Ease of Use

Intuitive interface with minimal learning curve. Add new document templates within seconds.

Plug and Play

API based solution that can be integrated into any existing tools.

Confidence Metrics

Automate workflows by accepting/rejecting candidates outright with the help of confidence scores provided.