We are looking for a Data Scientist to join our small team as we build advanced information extraction systems. We are a machine learning company and you will work directly on most of our core products.

You will be one of our first employees. So you need to have a great sense of ownership and commitment. In return, you'll get the opportunity for rapid personal growth as well as for significant impact on the product and long term company culture. We only expect people with some risk apetite to join us.

Skills we are looking for
  • Proficiency in Python and the OpenCV library
  • Solid understanding of common deep learning architectures like CNN and LSTMs
  • Solid understanding of classical machine learning algorithms like regression, random forests, SVMs etc.
  • Experience of working on real world computer vision projects. A broad familiarity with NLP is expected
  • Proficiency in deep learning frameworks - primarily TensorfFlow and Keras. Knowledge of Pytorch is a bonus
  • Comfort with working on Linux/Unix like terminals
  • Good grasp of basic ProbStats, Linear Algebra, and Calculus
  • Familiarity with other commonly used data science languages like C++, R, Julia, MATLAB, or Lua is an advantage
  • High level understanding of software engineering systems and practices - APIs, Databases, containers etc

Roles and Responsibilities
  • Experiment and implement new algorithms as we iteratively automate every single user interaction in our products
  • Own feature specific data pipelines from collection to cleaning to training to deployment
  • Own feature specific algorithms and deep learning models
  • Work with clients (sometimes on-site) to make customizations to our base products
  • Make incremental improvements to our existing systems

  • Bachelor’s or a master’s degree in a related field, or an intriguing reason for not having one.

Personality Traits and Fit
  • Willingness to experiment with and learn and teach new technologies on the job.
  • Resourcefulness, which in case of a small startup like us can often be the difference between death and riches.
  • Leadership skills to nurture a team as we grow.
  • Need (yes, you read that right) to solve head-scratching challenges and a passion for getting things done.

Sounds like the job for you ?

Come help us build great stuff !


reach out to us at pratyush@merak.ai with your resume and a strong reason for why you would like to join us

Who are we ?

We are a couple of engineers who set out to help businesses harness the power of deep learning and artificial intelligence. Early into our journey, we realized the raison d'être (read reason for existence) of technology. We strongly believe technology exists to help humans save time, money and most importantly effort. We stand by this firmly and through Merak.ai are relentlessly pursuing it.

Between the both of us we have extensive experience across Data Science, Product Development, Consumer Technology, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Management Consulting. Eager to learn, quick to adapt and open to admitting mistakes, we are always willing to go the extra-mile to get things right. Easily excited by anything that is remotely technical and challenging, we challenge each other in new and different ways to be better than what we were yesterday.

Besides our love for technology and building great products, we are pious followers of Manchester United, Twitter, and Reading. If you are so inclined, we’d love for you to join us in kicking a ball around in Bengaluru.