About Merak

We want you to focus better on solving problems of your customers and less on repetitive back-office tasks

Mission & Vision

Every few decades, some new technology reaches a tipping point where tasks that were till then the sole preserve of humans begin to be performed adeptly by machines. We are in the midst of one such transition with the maturing of machine learning.

Our mission, at Merak, is to use machine learning to automate back office processes so that businesses can focus better on the core problems of their customers. We are building tools that cut down the complexity of real world operations and help deliver quality services at scale.

Who We Are & What We Believe In

We are a group of passionate problem solvers who have thought long and hard on the raison d'être of technology and come to a realization.

Technology is brought into existence to either - 1) do things that could not be done before. Ex - go to the moon or cure terminal diseases. OR 2) save cost, effort, time, and attention. Out of all these, we believe that the most important, by far, is saving attention. This is so because human thought is the fountainhead from which all creativity flows. But human ability to think on things at a time is finite. So freeing it up has a huge multiplier effect on the world.

We are working with this belief to create a bigger dent in the universe than we could have done on our own.

Meet Our Team

Our small group of passionate problem solvers

Vibhor Kalra

Founder & CEO

A mechanical engineer by training, Vibhor has a diverse background in robotics, big data analytics, management consulting, and startups.

Pratyush Sinha

Co-Founder & CPO

An electrical engineer by training, Pratyush has experience working on signal processing, machine learning, and product management.

Our Advisors

We receive advice and mentorship from some of the best people in business, product, technology, and academia.

Anirudh Maitra

Product leader in the consumer internet space with a solid background in building products and platforms using latest technologies in global product companies like MakeMyTrip, Google and Microsoft. Anirudh is experienced in scaling and managing user growth, retention, monetization and P&L for consumer mobile products in the Indian and global internet ecosystem. Anirudh advises us on a wide variety of issues ranging from product to business strategy and development.

Bhargav Errangi

A doctor by degree, Bhargav is an experienced product leader having worked at global organizations like Intuit. He has led several cross-functional teams to deliver high quality products in the past. Since the past three years he has been busy working on his own startup, Spoyl. Backed by Sequioa, Spoyl is rapidly making its mark in the fashion industry. Bhargav advises us on a variety of issues ranging from product to business development and strategy.

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